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Called to be God´s love in today´s world

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We are an apostolic and missionary congregation, called to be the real and tangible presence of Jesus in the world today. The Sisters respond to the call of the Spirit and consecrate themselves to God, dedicating their lives to the following of Christ through the public vows  of consecrated celibacy, evangelical poverty, and religious obedience.

We share a life of prayer, mission and commitment to service with each other. With acceptance and awareness, we strive to live in unity while honoring each member of the community as unique.

How does one become a Sister?

Begin talking with a spiritual guide. When you do, you move into discerning God's call and your own deepest desires. With the help of your spiritual guide, you will look for signs of a call to religious life. You will ponder the challenges of religious life and talk about what it calls you to: "a total, exclusive, and lifelong self gift to Christ" (Sandra Schneiders, Selling All). You will reflect on the joy and pain of living in community, of giving yourself to the mission of Jesus, of committing yourself to making a difference.

It is difficult to put a timeline on discerning God's call. In general, however, a woman spends time getting to know the Congregation before making a formal application to the community. She lives for a period of time as a pre-novice in a local community, after which she spends another two years as a novice in the Congregation. Her novitiate ends with her first profession of vows. She pronounces her final vows a minimum of three years after her first profession.

We invite you … to share our life and our mission! Will you join us? Will you respond to God's call, to give yourself completely to God and God's people




The process we follow in the Congregation to help a person to mature and respond to God’s call to their specific vocation, is as follows:


The accompaniment is done to help the person to discover her life as a gift of God and as a Project of love.
A Sister will accompany her at least during a year in order to help her clarify her motivations and discern her calling.


This is a community experience in which there will be a mutual knowledge in daily life at a deeper level. The person participates in Community Life and in the Mission of the Congregation. During this period, which may last several months or a year, according to what each person requires, she will be accompanied by a Sister. 


This is a formative stage before the Novitiate. It fosters the human and Christian development of the Pre-Novice in order to:

  • Deepen her faith life
  • Discern the authenticity of her vocation to Religious Life
  • Continue deepening her experience of community life
  • Know the different ministries of the Congregation.

The length of the Pre-Novitiate depends on the process that each person requires according to the discernment done by her and the Sister who accompanies her.


The formation Stage before the First Profession.
During this stage we help the Novice to deepen her human and spiritual development through prayer and discernment, in order to strengthen her vocation to Religious Life in our Congregation, by identifying herself with our Charisma, our Spirituality and our Mission.

The duration of this stage shall be two years or more, depending on the process each person needs.

At the end of the Novitiate, the person makes her first vows.


From the First Profession to the Perpetual Profession.
During this stage, the Temporarily Professed Sister consolidates her personal call to follow Jesus, the Incarnate Word, radically. She deepens her sense of belonging and her identification with the Charisma, the Spirituality and the Mission of the Congregation. During this period, she is accompanied by another Sister.

This stage may last between three and nine years, depending on the process followed by each person.

In preparation for her Perpetual Profession, the Sister participates in a program of spiritual renovation.







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