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Visit of Associates at San Andres Tuxtla, Ver.

This weekend we had the opportunity to witness the life testimony of our sisters, the Incarnate Word Associates at Santiago, Tuxtla, and we express our gratitude to the Incarnate Word for the richness we find in each and everyone of them.We are sure that they live hand in hand with the Lord, who guides constantly in carrying out their activities. They do their work with charity, simplicity and a very special strength.We visited them because we wanted to be with them in the renewal of their commitment, a commitment that all of us have to the Incarnate Word as Associates and Apostles. We express it freely every year saying: “Yes, we want to continue in the mission of spirituality to which He has called us”.            On Friday, February 12, we arrived on time and full of emotion to our appointment with the Incarnate Word; Sister Magdalena Torres guided us in the reflection. She addressed the community in simple and eloquent words that reached our hearts. The whole ceremony was full of a series of feelings stemming from the great moment we were living together.            The Eucharist was celebrated in memory of Sister Mary Suárez Vázquez; all those who had the opportunity to know her will always remember her as a life example that is deeply engraved in our being.     Alter the Eucharist we went to Julita’s home where delicious dishes, typical of this area, had been prepared for us. We enjoyed then with Sister Magda and Sister Erika who accompanied us, and with some relatives of our Incarnate Word Associates.      We lived leisure moments that helped us realize how valuable, how united and how loving they are among themselves and toward others.       Our Incarnate Word Associates in Santiago Tuxtla have united into one community and they are an example of love, commitment, joy and charity in their area. They have had to face problems and limitations such as age, illness, fatigue and family situations, but they have transformed then into formidable challenges. This has given them the opportunity to renovate their commitment with creativity and to live it with joy, inventiveness and efficiency.       Chita shares with others the message of the Gospel at home, instead of moving to the places in the community where she normally used to be active. She also manages to distribute food and respond to the needs of others with the warmth that has been her special quality.     María Antonia takes care of her mother who is old and ill with great fortitude and faith in the Lord. This sorrowful situation moves to pray weekly to the Holy Sacrament. She is part of the liturgy team in Sunday Masses and devotes part of her time to give pre-baptismal lectures at the parish.      Aurelia, (Lela, as her friends call her), is a woman of prayer. She draws her strength from the Word of God. She attends Bible lectures once a week and helps as much as possible bringing clothes and food to the needy people around her.     Epifanía, better known as Epi, is the community treasurer and devotes part of her time to visit the sick. She is a missioner at heart and organizes raffles and coordinates events to raise funds and help the missioners to cover their needs.      Chita and Ofelia are neighbors and they have taken advantage of this closeness to work together. They offer their help to the Redemptorist Missioners, who are very grateful to them.     Eva is fully aware of the encouragement and relief that a visit can bring to the sick. A visitor listens to them, brings them comfort and offers help in whatever is needed from the community. Thus, she goes from house to house, offering her time, her help and comfort to the sick with an impressive enthusiasm.     Clarisa works at home; her eyesight is not good and it is very difficult for her to go out, but she offers the community and all the Incarnate Word Associates the treasure of her prayers. She prays constantly and offers her daily life to the Lord.      Julita has been the group coordinator for several years. Because of the situations that the members of the three previous communities have had to face, they have merged into one single community and she has generously remained as its coordinator. Of all the community members, she is the one who can more easily serve all her sisters from this post. She has assumed the task of visiting all her sisters and she keeps them united and active. She also visits the ill and rural communities. Many people in the area go to see her and ask her for advice and encouragement. She is always happy and willing to help. She makes it a point to celebrate all important feasts with the community. She helps others with food and she loves to invite people to her house where, with the help of the parish priest, they pray and celebrate joyfully the festivities that unite the community in a very special way.     It was a great joy for us to have spent some time with the Incarnate Word Associates at Santiago, Tuxtla, and experience the great love they share with one another. We could see how that love shows itself in charitable works and bears fruit for the glory of the Incarnate Word.     We are especially grateful to Sister Erika and Sister Magdalena for their love, they kindness and their constant company during our visit to these beautiful Veracruz lands. May God bless you, Sisters.Dear Sisters, thank you very much for your live testinony!Incarnate Word Associates, General CommitteeFebruary 15 , 2010. Mexico City.


Date: 12/Apr/2010


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