A Commitment to Service with Dignity

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A group of our Sisters in Mexico have supported senior citizens through excellent services in the field of biological, emotional, spiritual and social care. This is the story of Sister Martha Josefina.

A Commitment to Service with Dignity

Sister Martha Josefina Rea González, a Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word, founded an institution for service to persons who are elderly, and has devoted her life to this mission for the last 17 years.

“Essential to our mission is the need to advocate and collaborate in providing services for senior citizens in our society so that they may grow old with dignity”, shares Sister Martha. Through the Formation Center, ‘Fullness of Life’, she fosters the formation of hundreds of specialists in geriatrics, on-going training for family members, medical care professionals, etc.

“Giving testimony through our service to the elderly population, with quality and warmth, preparing future generations to ‘have a voice’ and to have the necessary tools to live with dignity, is to accept, to value and to live life with courage and fortitude”, emphasized Sister Martha.

Her passion for and commitment to the most vulnerable have always been a special characteristic of Sister Martha. The Congregation as well as several organizations recognizes her untiring work. The   organization ‘Rise Today – Levántate hoy’ honored her with an award in the field of Senior Citizens which recognizes the most outstanding activities in the field of disabilities or handicaps.

Because of her dedication and commitment, Sister Martha has formed a humanitarian support group that provides excellent biological, emotional, spiritual, and social services to those who are elderly. This group seeks personnel who have a vocation for providing technical and other services to the elderly population and identifies problems that affect this group of people at this specific stage of their life, bringing light to their life in transcendence and in faith.

On the header: Sister Martha Josefina Rea Gonzalez, CCVI.


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