Advent 2022

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Young people and sisters of the CCVI Congregation prepared, shared, and reflected on Advent 2022.

We shared material that we prayed and reflected on personally. Then, as a group, we came together to share our experiences and feelings in these weeks of waiting. The reflection invited us to turn it into meaningful, concrete actions.

The material invited reflections about hope and the change of attitudes proposed by the Gospel, conversion, the small changes that can be made daily, trust, and being prepared for what is to come.

Advent is a privileged time to begin to change; it is an invitation to wait and to contemplate, to transform ourselves from the heart. It is an opportunity to give the best we have. A God of encounter comes to be with us. His coming changes us and saves us.

The sharing invited us to generate these changes without fear of new beginnings, reconcile with our brothers and sisters, be happy, and share this good news with others!

We closed our Fourth Week of Advent with our hearts ready to listen, to follow the path with love and great willingness, and, like Mary, simplicity, and humility. The time spent in the community prepared us to build in our hearts a manger to commemorate the birth of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, with joy and happiness. We celebrated Christmas time with gratitude for having shared with a new community.


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