An Afternoon of Reflection for the Communities with Incarnate Word Apostles

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The new community "Sendero de la Reconciliación"

The afternoon of Thursday, September 21, was very special. The spirit of acceptance, gratitude, sharing, and celebration created the sacred space where the two communities in San Luis Potosí, Joy of the Annunciation and Road of Reconciliation, joined in an embrace.

The blessing of having a group of six members, who wanted to respond YES, to Jesus, the Incarnate Word and become a new Associate Community, was the perfect moment to come together in prayer. We invited Sister Montserrat Dávila Macías CCVI, so she could guide us during our reflection period of two hours and a half.

We were also accompanied by Sister María Teresa Hernández Angulo CCVI the Presence of Sister in the Joy of the Annunciation Community.


Sr. Tere Hernández Angulo CCVI accompanying the two groups

Sr. Tere Hernández Angulo, CCVI, accompanying the two groups


Sister Montse, closed our afternoon of reflection speaking about the wealth that the Congregation and the Associates share, the Spirituality and the Charisma, in addition to the Mission, which is the reason why the Congregation and the Association walk together. We must continue in our efforts to make present and incarnate God’s Love in our world; through the works of mercy, we become the hands that bring relief to our needy brothers and sisters, respecting their dignity at all times.


Sr. Montserrat Dávila CCVI

Sr. Montserrat Dávila, CCVI


Praised be the Incarnate Word!

María Elena Torres Ariceaga de Ponce, “Joy of the Annunciation Community”

To give is an act of the will, to give oneself is an act of love.


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