Thinking of S. Madeleine Chollet: Anniversary of the Death of Foundress Rev. Mother Madeleine Chollet

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Madeleine Chollet

…As the construction work in the Chapel advanced, it was more and more evident to the Sisters that the Reverend Mother would not live long. The illness that had been diagnosed early in 1905 had progressed so much that the Sisters had given up all hope of relief. When the Reverend Mother was informed of her condition, she started preparing for death, in silence and joy. The patience with which she suffered the most intense sufferings was an example to all who visited her. She had a smile and a word of encouragement for every one of the Sisters, and she kept reminding them to put in the hands of God all the glory that the Congregation had achieved.

…In July 1906, her sufferings increased. On July 19, Pope Pius X sent her a special Blessing, as a greeting for her Feast Day; but the Reverend Mother celebrated Saint Magdalen’s Feast Day in her eternal home, where she was called to on July 20.

…After the ceremonies in the Chapel, the remains of the Reverend Mother were taken to San Fernando Cemetery, accompanied by the sorrowful Sisters, the Academy students and the children in Saint John and Saint Joseph Orphanages. The Clergy and Sisters from several Congregations in the City sent representatives to the funeral, and the condolences received from Europe and many places in America showed the great appreciation many people felt toward this humble and devout religious woman.

Thinking of S. Madeleine Chollet


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