2019 Assembly: Education Ministry

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With our hearts full of hope, with our spirit full of enthusiasm, and our hands on the Mission, we had the CCVI Education Assembly 2019, from May 1 to May 4, at Villa Porciúncula in Tesistán, Jalisco. This meeting of the representatives of the General Leadership Team, the Ministry Council, the Education Coordination Team, the Sisters in the Ministry and the leaders of nine CCVI Schools, was very special and touching because we lived in within the framework of the 150th Anniversary of the CCVI Congregation.

We started the first day of our Assembly with an Opening Ritual which helped us to value and to be grateful for the legacy that Claude Marie Dubuis, and the first Sisters who responded to his call (“Our Lord Jesus Christ, suffering in a multitude of the sick and infirm of every kind, seeks relief at your hands.” ) have entrusted us so we may continue to actualize the merciful love of the Incarnate Word in current times.

The agenda for our work on the second day, started with a video sent to us by Sister Tere Maya which invited us to recognize “The calling in this time of Grace” and helped us to understand the CCVI Legacy in the Education Mission. Later, Sister Luisa Gamboa made a presentation of the CCVI Direction 18-20 for the Education Ministry. After that, Dr. Esmeralda Garrido explained the key aspects for the prevention and intervention of physical and verbal abuse, and sexual abuse against children and adolescents. Finally, we gathered in school groups to generate protocol proposals in order to create safe environments in our education communities. At the end of this productive day, we had lots of fun with the “Arcade and Fair Games” organized by the members of Instituto Miguel Ángel de Occidente [Western IMA School], who hosted this Assembly.    

On our last Assembly day, we had the privilege to listed to a lecture by Father Alejandro Maldonado Hernández, of the Society of the Divine Word, who led us into a deep reflection on several topics: Jubilee Year in Sacred Scripture, The Mystic Meaning of the Incarnation of the Word, How to re-configure our spirituality, the road of the believer: a Life of discernment.

This is show we spent the days we worked in this Assembly, and we fulfilled the specific objectives we had foreseen:   

  1. Identify the actions we need to strengthen or implement to comply with each one of the three goals of the “CCVI Direction for Education.”
  2. Make the participants aware of the need to create safe spaces in our schools.
  3. Generate proposals for the creation of a Protocol for Safe Environments for CCVI Schools.
  4. Reflect on the nature and implications of the celebration of a Jubilee Year.

Finally, our Assembly closed with a flourish with a beautiful Eucharistic Celebration conducted also by Father Alejandro. After the Mass, all the participants received a beautiful and valuable gift: Our hands were blessed by the Sisters who attended the Assembly; this will remind us that we now have in our hands the legacy of these 150 years of life and dedication by our Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. We value their history and we join them in the Mission to create continuously a society of justice, where peace and love will reign, in the presence of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, today and always.


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