Believing in herself: A Visitation House Story

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Where is a woman to go when she has been beaten down by life’s circumstances, doesn’t even believe in herself as a valuable person, as a good mother, as a loving daughter…?

A single mother with a young child to nourish and support with no income coming in!

A minimum wage job was her only option but she couldn’t take it because it would not pay the costs of child care, food, housing nor transportation. She only knew failure, fear and disrespect of self and others. These were the circumstances she found herself in several years ago. But by the grace of God and Visitation House Ministries she did not become stuck in those circumstances.

Kathy did not know what she was capable of as a mother, college student, wage earner, manager in daily living expenses or goal setter. She did not know how to advocate for herself, her child or anyone else. These are all skills she learned at Visitation House, under the guiding hands of the Sisters, Yolanda Tarango and Cindy Stacy, which helped build her self-esteem and belief in her own capabilities to reach goals. She became the mother capable of raising a daughter who has good self-esteem and makes wise choices for herself. Courage and tenacity was birthed so that she obtained that Chemistry Degree. Faith was enhanced to march onward to earn a Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry.  She has become an advocate for herself, her daughter and women to fight against sexual, physical, or abuse of any kind. She is not afraid to let her voice be heard.  Self-respect has been gained. Family and friends seek her advice in many areas.

Kathy, through Visitation House Ministries and working with the Sisters, learned many things that have sustained her over the years. The two-year program was tough, college was rough, and earning a living is difficult with the day to day grind. Motherhood has been an adventure of sweet mixed with a few unsweet times but has been worth the time and effort.

She found that it is ok to take a helping hand upward to the next step of womanhood, but to succeed she had to come to an understanding that she had to put in the effort and work to reach that next step upward because no one, no ministry, no agency could do it for her.  She also learned that as she gained a step, she needed to reach back to give the next woman a guiding hand up the pathway to believing in herself and a better life for herself. She herself now continues the mission of Visitation House. She encourages all who have received help and encouragement to succeed in life, to support a ministry, agency or individual with help as it once was given to her on the path to a better life.

These are Kathy & Elizabeth, today along with Sr. Yolanda Tarango:

Kathy, Elizabeth & Sister Yolanda Tarango today

On the header: Kathy and her small daughter Elizabeth at Visitation House Ministries.


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