CCVI Schools: “A Heart Open to the Whole World” (Part 2)

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Praised be the Incarnate Word, Amen!

I am infinitely grateful because the CCVI Network for Migrants has been a channel in our CCVI schools that has led our CCVI Education Communities to remember more deeply the importance valuing and allowing an encounter with the reality lived day by day by the migrants, a reality of which we are fully aware, and how we can contribute to their efforts in the culture of encounter.  

We are aware that a whole society is needed to sustain others and help them to look ahead. We accepted the invitation to make an analysis and a reflection of the situation lived by the migrants and refugees around the world. We recognize that the consequence of building walls of indifference is slavery in all its forms, so it is always very necessary to motivate our girls, our boys and our young people to value and dignify the human person, recognizing in each person a sister or a brother, regardless of their origin or the place where they were born, because the absence of responsibility and fraternity has been more and more evident in society. We can corroborate it when we see the bad news regarding the mistreatment to migrants in different parts of the world.

Our CCVI commitment in the educational field shall always be to build bridges, to project in the families the value of inter-cultural relations, recognizing others as persons, fostering the culture of encounter. Therefore, for activities centered on “A heart open to the whole world”, the CCVI Schools devote time and space to the course Education in Faith. We share with those who coordinate the fragment on Chapter 4 of Fratell Tutti, for their reflection, and also a guide of questions to address the subject of the reality lived by the migrants and refugees around the world. Thus, students and teachers reflected on the situation people are living now and the invitation of the Church. All of us got involved. This was our itinerary:

January 13 to 20

  • Sensitize the Education in Faith class
  • Fratelli Tutti (chapter 4) and a reflection guide

January 21 to 26

  • Reception of products (Drawings)

January 27 – 28

  • Selection of the best works (coordinators and directors)

In our dialogue with the coordinators, we considered that this activity helped us to remember the CCVI values and mission, which is also to respect diversity and offer paths for social promotion and integration in today’s world.

Our task is to continue moving to action. We can start every day by offering empathy, leaving egoism aside and letting society know that it is possible to be communities that foster the culture of encounter.

Ms. Soraya Hernández Gutiérrez 

General CCVI Pastoral Coordinator



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