Charism (Pt. 3)

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How to live the charism congruently today and in the future?

At the general meeting of the membership of the Congregation in 2018, the participants had this to say about charism and living if out today.

“Living congruently will be the response needed to revitalize our charism during this time when human dignity is threatened in so many ways.”  GLT Report,2018

Living congruently means that life is truly lived in line with one’s values and spirit. In other words, we live who we say we are. What does that mean for a Congregation called to be the love, the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus in our world today? Being congruent implies we recognize, with gratitude all that has been, and thank God that his spirt still lives strongly in us.  It means that we be acutely aware of what is happening in the world around us; that we let go of all that is not needed and respond to needs encountered in our reading of the reality here and now.

The reflection on how to live the charism today led the Sisters to rejoice over exciting discoveries: our collaborators truly share a strong passion for the charism and mission and they, like ourselves, are carriers of the charism.  Through their person and their service they pass the charism on to others.  Our charism, our gift from God to the Congregation, is indeed being shared!                                                 

What touched or surprised you in this reflection? Do you think that the collaborators who work with our Congregation can share the same spirit and be bearers of the charism?

By Sr. Juanita Albracht.

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