Christmas 2019 Congregational Celebration, Mexico City

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Something magical has enveloped us during our Jubilee Year with many different opportunities and forms of encounter we have experienced. A vital need for communication, love and encounters dwells within us. What is happening to us? We can find the answer by re-tracing the path of the 150th anniversary of the Congregation and by celebrating the Congregational Christmas: The Word of God is not only good news and a message, He became flesh! He lives in us and among us.

We came together in the Lord as a Congregation within the framework of the 150th Anniversary of our foundation. Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, has been with us since 1869.  He has come to renew his promise to be born, to continue his presence in the heart of the Congregation, and to fill us with new life and hope,  so that we may continue to bring his love in his incarnation-humanization to all those who need the presence, tenderness and compassion of the “Incarnate-Humanized Child God.”

The Christmas Carols and Christmas Plays that brought joy to our “Posadas” [Special celebrations from December 16 to December 24 as a preparation for Christmas] transformed our community into an extended temple for a happy and joyful encounter with God. The fireworks sparked our fantasy and gave life to our faith. Christmas food brought us the delicious flavors of a joyful family gathering. Our gatherings in cold weather motivated the re-birth of love and friendship and the bonds among us became stronger. We had the opportunity to send messages of love and happiness in every direction to each of our CCVI Sisters.    

Christmas has led us to emphasize community, intercultural relationships and universal love. Their greatness is in their smallness, in humility. This is where the great family of God appears as a new society that breaks any barriers that cause division.

God trusts us in our acceptance and collaboration, and in our response to his Incarnate Love. With gratitude for the life we share, we pray that this New Year, 2020, will also be full of blessings from the Incarnate Word.

By Sister Luz  Maria Rangel.

Click here to see some pictures of Posadas in Mexico City, and Christmas Eve and Christmas in Mexico City.


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