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In the beginning…

In the beginning was the WORD,

the WORD was in God’s presence,

and the WORD was God.

Through him all things came into being.

The WORD became flesh and made his dwelling among us,

and we have seen His glory: the glory of an only Son

coming from the Father filled with enduring love.

Of His fullness we have all had a share –

love following upon love.

(Prologue of the Gospel of John)

The WORD is CONTEMPLATION and invites us to look at our world with new eyes.

To contemplate means to look deeply, to enter into harmony with God, with self, and others. Contemplation calls us to our center, the deepest part of our being and allows God’s revelation to take place within us. As Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, we are called to contemplate, to examine the realities of the world, and discern the needs of the people of God (Constitutions, Art. 31).

When we contemplate the world we discover poverty, dehumanization, drug addiction, human trafficking, and hopelessness. The communication media atrophy our senses, leading to disorientation and desensitization to Gospel values. We live in a world of wonder and beauty but have little sensitivity to its protection and life.

This reality calls us to renew our commitment to contemplation and to listen to the voice of God – “I have witnessed the affliction of my people” (Exodus 3:7) – and open ourselves to the saving presence of God, who calls us to respond in compassion and in solidarity.

Contemplation take us to action: to be a presence of God in the world.

Questions for Reflection & Sharing

  • How do we deepen our contemplation as an essential dimension of our spirituality?
  • How do we sensitize ourselves to our world and have a contemplative view?


“Make me resemble the ONE I LOVE.” Jeanne de Matel (1596-1650)

“ … in this foundation, I, who am the Incarnate Word, will make an extension of My Incarnation.”


Prayer at the end of our sharing

Loving God, we come before you, open to your revelation through the mystery of our daily life. Open our eyes to see your presence giving life to the whole world. Open our ears to listen to your voice in the cries of your people that are suffering. Open our hands so they can be your compassionate touch that heals the wounds of the body and the spirit. Reincarnate your WORD in us so that together with Jesus we can recognize your presence in all persons and we can reveal to them your saving love. Amen

By S. Rosie Forck.


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