Distribution of healthy foods and medications during this COVID-19 crisis

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Dear Sisters:

We send greetings from the CCVI community in Nuevo Chimbote. Our life continues to be marked by COVID-19. This reality challenges us to respond to our Mission: ”to be the presence of the healing love of God”.

We received a financial donation from Sr. Consuelo Urrutia.  This motivated us to make a map of our area;  we identified many families in financial need. With the Parish, Maria de Nazareth, we distributed food for 50 families and food for 10 days for their parish kitchen.

For Our Lady of Mercy parish, we gave 50 baskets of food to families.

In Cerro San Pedro in the city of Chimbote, we identified young families without work – distributed  15 baskets. Also gave food to (7) families who suffered from fires in their homes.

The Pedro Atusparia school where Sr. Hirayda Blacido is Director, we identified (30) students in extreme poverty. They received 30 food baskets with food for 10 additional days.

We have supported with medicines (10)  families affected with COVID-19.

In the city of Casma, (10) baskets of food were distributed to families, plus food for San Jose Nursing Home.

Seeing the smiles on the faces of children when they see food, fills our hearts with joy and gratitude. We continue taking care of ourselves following with the protective measures.

LINK to more photos of our mission:

Sharing with my Family,  and  Sr. Teresa Maya, considering the need for the Vulnerable at this time of  Crises. We feel called, as a Family to help the Sisters in Peru – in their Mission in Ministry,  to the neediest in their community.

Sister Consuelo Urrutia, CCVI


  1. Berni Thompson

    Hi I received 2 paintings by sr.f.t.whooley from your order and i would love to have some back ground information on this wonderful artist if possible. Kind regards Berni Thompson

    • Amormeus

      Hello Berni! We are sorry, Sr. Whooley is not part of our Congregation. Blessings!


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