Elegy, James Biery

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Performed by Lena Gokelman (organ) and Christopher Gokelman (viola).

For healing …



(James Biery composed his “Elegy” to honor the memory of University of Arizona organ professor, Roy Andrew Johnson, Jr., who lost his life tragically in a random homicide while on his way home from a University School of Music function. Professor Johnson left an unforgettable legacy of teaching, performing, and service playing among his university students and the people he touched within his community.

Installed in 2010, the 3-manuel, 27 rank Schoenstein, opus 159 serves the worshipping community of the Chapel of the Incarnate Word – the spiritual home of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX.

This performance is dedicated to the memory of those who have lost their lives to the COVID-19 virus. We pray, especially for their families and friends, as well as for all who are currently struggling in any way – physically, spiritually, emotionally, or financially – during this time.)


Obtained from https://www.ccvichapel.org/post/elegy-james-biery


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