Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

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“How splendid the cross of Christ. It brings life, not death; light not darkness; paradise, not its loss.” (Theodore of Studios)

The crucifix, the Holy Cross, is a daily reminder to Catholic Christians that it was through death that the promise of eternal life was given.

Jesus died because of who he was, what he did. He was the victim of state execution because of what he taught, preached, and the way he lived. Jesus was faithful to the very end. We believe that his subsequent resurrection was the gift to all of us: the realization that we too are assured of life after death.

We suffer death in many forms: turning away from good, breaking promises, separation from a loved one, grief, loss of a job, disappointment.

Many people in the world bear the cross of suffering due to violence or trauma, most often caused by greed and abuse of power.

Jesus said, “take up your cross, and follow me.” For one, we are called to reach out to and help those who are suffering; to take up the cross of the other, as Jesus did. This also tells us that by embracing our suffering as walking with Jesus, there is resurrection, life, to come.


Obtained from https://www.ccvichapel.org/post/feast-of-the-exaltation-of-the-holy-cross-fiesta-de-la-exaltación-de-la-santa-cruz


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