Finding Humanity: April 22 – 28

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In the midst of this crisis in which we live, we want to share with you some good weekly news, news of hope, important or simple acts and gestures that unite us as a community of men and women of faith-driven by the force of hope.

People around the world are taking out their trash in formal wear and costumes

These days, the trash goes out more than people do. So it’s become a trend on social media to dress up in formal wear and costumes to take out the garbage – because where else are you going to go? People around the world have shared their silly photos and videos, lifting each other’s spirits with their creative bin outings.

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COVID-19: How to face the social and personal grief

Watch the recording of the Webinar.

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GSR readers share how the coronavirus has changed their communities, part one

Global Sisters Report recently asked readers how COVID-19 has affected the way they keep community and form/maintain relationships. 

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Feeling stressed and anxious? This sister psychologist has some tips for you

Feeling stressed and anxious? Me, too.

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Now is time to build new world without inequality, injustice, Pope says

ROME (CNS) — As the world slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a risk it will be struck by an even worse virus — that of selfish indifference, Pope Francis said.

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Tell us: How has the Coronavirus changed your community and ministries?

Global Sisters Report would like to hear from you about how your local community and/or congregation at large are finding creative ways to continue your ministries or connect with one another in these uncertain times. 

How is the coronavirus affecting your community? Submit an example we may use in future coverage.

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Archbishop Marini: An opportunity to improve preparations for International Eucharistic Congress

The President of the Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses, Archbishop Piero Marini, speaks with Vatican News about the decision to postpone the upcoming Eucharistic Congress.

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What a pleasure to spend money to make meals for poor children

While many of us may be losing sleep over how Covid-19 is affecting ourselves and our loved ones, Vicky Yousaf is worrying about how to keep feeding poor children. “I want to continue my work, but at night I was wondering if I had money left over, how I would spend [it for] my family…. God is good”.

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How to use a creative symbol prayer 

SPACE for Prayer & Reflection will provide online resources for and with individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. This will encourage prayer, sharing stories and accompaniment across the world.

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COVID-19: Guide released for end of life care during Pandemic

The Centre for The Art of Dying Well at St Mary’s Catholic University, London develops a new Deathbed Etiquette for COVID-19.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, and now because of the infectious nature of the Coronavirus it may not be possible for relatives and friends to be physically present with a dying patient

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A “beautiful sign” from the Pope on his name day

The Church today remembers Saint George the martyr, Pope Francis’ name-day. To mark this occasion a number of ventilators will be delivered to Romania, Spain and Italy, countries particularly affected by the coronavirus epidemic. The delivery comes after an announcement on 27 March in response to the needs of several hospitals. Best wishes to the Pope are being received from all over the world.

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California neighborhood surprises beloved postal worker with “Kerry Appreciation Day” – displaying over 100 signs and chalk art with messages of gratitude

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Small moments of friendship and solidarity

Even amid the pandemic, there are small moments of friendship and solidarity. In Jounieh in Lebanon, students used a drone to deliver flowers on Mother’s Day. 

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