Finding Humanity: July 1 – 7

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In the midst of this crisis in which we live, we want to share with you some good weekly news, news of hope, important or simple acts and gestures that unite us as a community of men and women of faith-driven by the force of hope.

Three good things: online support groups started during lockdown

The coronavirus crisis has had a profound impact on the nation’s mental health, according to the charity Mind. These online groups were set up to provide emotional support.

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‘It changed my life’: the sign language yoga school for deaf people

A sign language yoga school is making the practice more accessible to people with hearing difficulties – and classes are now available online

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‘It barely takes an hour out of my day’: meet the people spreading kindness

Three people, who gave up their time to help others during the coronavirus crisis, reflect on their experiences.

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Pope to celebrate Mass for 7th anniversary of Lampedusa visit

Pope Francis will celebrate Mass on Wednesday to mark the seventh anniversary of his first papal trip outside Rome, which saw him visit the Italian island of Lampedusa to offer comfort to migrants.

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Philippine diocese creates mental health ‘hopeline’

The Diocese of Kalookan has created a support helpline for those struggling with anxiety and other emotions due to the coronavirus crisis.

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Pope: cooperatives for clean energy against climate change

In a tweet to mark the International Day of Cooperatives, Saturday, Pope Francis notes that cooperatives across the globe are making a real difference in the fight against climate change.

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