Finding Humanity: September 23 – 29

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In the midst of this crisis in which we live, we want to share with you some good weekly news, news of hope, important or simple acts and gestures that unite us as a community of men and women of faith-driven by the force of hope.


Pope at Angelus: ‘a true Christian chooses good over evil every day’

Pope Francis invites Christians to open themselves to God’s will and to put love for our brothers and sisters into action.

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Taking care of the sick, learning what it means to love

The Church’s teaching on the end of life is re-proposed in “Samaritanus bonus” (Good Samaritan) in pastoral tones: the person is to be taken care of and surrounded with affection until the end.

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Timeline of Human Genius

This Timeline catalogs moments of genius, accomplishment, and evolution from throughout humanity’s history – from the first fires of humanity to today’s good news. Updated every week!

Use the filters below to filter entries by country, region, topic, era, and more.

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Feel Overwhelmed And Stressed? It’s Time For You To Track Your Time.

Back in the beginning of the year, most company leaders couldn’t imagine their companies having to manage employees working from home. That was before Covid-19 forced people all around the world to stay at home and work from there. The one surprising element in that situation is how some workers invested themselves in their work from home. The challenge might turn out to be for companies to keep their workers from overworking and reaching a point of exhaustion — a state of working-from-home burnout. An organizational psychologist shares four ways that a worker can manage their at-home activity.

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3 Lessons About What Really Matters In Life, Learned In The Pandemic

StoryCorps, a nonprofit dedicated to recording the largest collection of human stories, created a tool to help bring loved ones together. This article features stories and excerpts of some of the best interviews collected over the last few months in response to Covid-19. They are collated into three overarching lessons: 1) the pandemic has helped us find deeper meaning in our work, 2) family rhythms have shifted, but our ties are as important as ever and 3) small gestures have a huge impact on our wellbeing. From frontline workers to family members, these stories will inspire you to see the good that can come from something as horrific as a global pandemic.

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