For our Mental Health

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Today we share a summary of tips that may help you during this quarantine.

For our Mental Health

  1. Open all the shades, curtains, etc. Let the light in!
  2. Play music all day, and dance!
  3. Keep yourself clean: shower and dress every day!
  4. Drink a lot of water, in a fancy glass.
  5. Call at least one friend a day, or FaceTime if you know how.
  6. Watch a movie at a regular time each day, e.g, 4-6 pm.
  7. Exercise every day, and if you can, take a walk or ride your bike.


Adapted from Mental Health Resources, Inc. Obtained from


  1. Don Beeleer

    Great tips!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Amormeus

      Thanks for reading!


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