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The Gospel of Luke tells us the great Mystery of the Incarnation of the Word with great simplicity. The Mystery of the Son of God who takes our warm and mortal flesh in the womb of Mary.

The Mystery of the Incarnation is the foundation of our Spirituality, our Charism and our Mission.

We find God within ourselves and in our daily life through the Incarnation, in our own interiority where He wanted to put his dwelling place forever.

The Incarnation has enormous consequences: in reality, all flesh is sacred because of it, all pain is pain of the Word and all suffering is God who is torn apart with the one who suffers.

After reading Luke: 1,26-38, let’s have a sacred moment of silence, to let the Word of God penetrate our hearts, especially Mary’s response to God’s project. “I am the Lord’s servant, May your word to me be fulfilled.” And let us consider the privilege of being able to say our Yes to God like her. A Yes that permeates our life, our relationships and our daily service with love and dedication.

We are called to express the compassion of God, who heals and comforts, who affirms the value of life. The sacred of human life. And thus make present and tangible the merciful love of God as manifested in the Incarnation. That is our endearing Mission.

By S. María de Lourdes Urrutia Chávez.


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