Instituto Miguel Ángel’s Biblical School Testimony

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Instituto Miguel Ángel's Biblical School Testimony

My name is Karla Moyers, I am a former student of Instituto Miguel Ángel in Mexico City and thanks to this, I am a fortunate and privileged daughter of the Incarnate Word since I was three years old.

I have known God since I was a child and I have always felt Him very close to me and my family. Now, as a mother and motivated mainly by curiosity, I entered the Biblical School. A curiosity that started at home when noting the passion and love that my mother reflected every day when speaking about Our Lord. I decided to find out what it was that provoked so much passion in her, and now I know. Knowing Jesus and His Word changes your life, it has changed mine.

My desire to continue to know Him is profound and insatiable. During this course, I experienced one of the most difficult tests that the Lord has given me, but, thanks to the faith I put in Him, I was able to carry on. I realized that God always listens to us, but sometimes His answer is no. My faith and confidence were tested, but I learned to accept His will; I learned to leave everything in His hands.

Instituto Miguel Ángel's Biblical School TestimonyThanks to the closeness that I now feel with Him, to His constant presence and to my renewed faith, I have the strength to face this new path ahead of me, to provide for my children and to keep our family even more united than before.

The Biblical School has given me maturity and spiritual growth, it has encouraged me to be a better human being, to try to be and act as the Lord invites us to copy His own image and likeness.

Belonging to this group and knowing the Word of God more closely motivates and invites me to be a flame of the Light of the Holy Spirit in every moment and every action of the day so that others perceive His presence through me and my actions so they too can get caught up in His Light.

I am deeply grateful to be a member of the Biblical School. I thank my mother for her example of faith and unconditional love for the Incarnate Word, for passing it on to me and being the flame that ignited the desire to draw closer to Him in me. I thank my children for being the driving force that makes me be better and for showing me the presence of Baby Jesus in their innocence, in their smiles and in their sweet gaze every day at home. I thank my dear Teachers for giving me the Word of God. I thank them for their knowledge, their teachings and their example. But mostly, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to know Him, for taking my hand every step of the way and not letting go, especially in the most difficult and complicated moments.

Praised be the Incarnate Word! Thank you very much!

By Karla Moyers, former student of Instituto Miguel Ángel in Mexico City.


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