Jeanne Chezard de Matel, Reflection for September 11th

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Jeanne gave herself up to prayer in the college church. She then saw a crown of thorns in the midst of which was written the Holy Name of Jesus. Below was a heart which was pierced with three nails and marked with the words, Amor Meus.

Jesus said to her, “my daughter, my name is oil poured out. Many will be attracted to this Order by the sweetness of this name. Place on the scapular what you have seen in this vision, so that I may rest on the hearts of my faithful spouses.” After this new mercy of the Incarnate Word, Jeanne exclaimed, “O dear Love, when you were a mortal man, you rightly com- plained that the foxes had their dens and the birds their nests, but that you had no place to rest your head. Let this be so no more! Rest on us, dear heart of our love, dear love of our hearts.”


Jeanne’s love of the Incarnate Word led her to enflesh the Word in her hear and life.
– may we also enflesh the Word in our hearts and lives.

Jeanne founded the Order of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament in Lyons, France.
– may she, our spiritual mother, bless all the branches that have sprung from this root.

Jeanne struggled much in her efforts to follow the will of God.
– may we, through her intercession, be strengthened to carry out what God asks of us.

Jeanne made faith the foundation of her Spiritual Temple.
– may the Incarnate Word give us an increase of faith.

Jeanne placed the eight beatitudes as columns of this Temple.
– may peace, gentleness, poverty, purity of heart, mercy, mourning, hungering and thirsting for justice, and suffering persecution for Christ’s sake, be the columns of our Spiritual Temple.

Final Prayer

Dear Incarnate Word, we praise and thank you for the abundant blessings you bestowed on our dear Venerable Jeanne de Matel. Her fidelity to you is an inspiring example for us. We ask your help to faithfully follow the example and model she gave us in her fidelity to prayer and the practice of every virtue. Deepen our awareness of your dwelling in and among us. Help us to make your loving presence real to those with whom and to whom we serve. Continue to bless our Congregation, and all who minis- ter on her behalf. Hear us, and answer our prayer.

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