Journey of Reconciliation: Easter

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By Adriana Calzada, CCVI

Jesus is alive! It is the certainty that moves us and drives us. Death had no power over Him and that is why we say: Hallelujah! How difficult to say hallelujah amid so much fragility. But this fragility only indicates our humanity. Humanity which was assumed by the Word of God to the extreme and is now transcended to guarantee Life. We come to the “end” of this path of reconciliation that we have traveled. The apostles are finally able to reconcile three elements: the identity of Jesus, his message that they did not understand while He was among them, and their own identity of followers. It will still take a few days, but you will come to understand and assume, and then you will go out. The pain and suffering in the world do not end, death is still present as well as fears. But the promise of the living Jesus that accompanies, of the risen Christ that liberates us and our call to follow him, are our hope and strength to continue walking. Let us experience deep Easter joy.

* The path of reconciliation does not end, it is a task for each day. But we have seen that from the hand of Jesus, it is much easier because it gives us the clues and the courage to walk it.

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