Knowing the Communities: Community in Xalisco, Nayarit

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On February 17-20, on the occasion of the beginning of Lent, we accompanied the community in Tepozal, San Antonio and Emiliano Zapata. We share faith and life with people, we listen to their stories, the work they do to sell their avocados, coffee, lemon… their attempt to take care of the lands inherited from their grandparents, as well as their concern for their relatives who have had to migrate in search of a better quality of life.

In San Antonio we learned that 50 years ago they left Malinal and chose that place, distributed the land, cleaned and planted the soursop, banana, mango, lychee and coffee trees. A productive land and hard-working people with great initiative. However, young people emigrate due to the low price of coffee and lack of land, in addition to those who leave to study and work in Xalisco or Tepic. Migrants do not forget their land. They communicate through Facebook and collaborate in the works of the Community.

At Emiliano Zapata, a Community on the side of the highway, a group of catechism children were waiting for me with their catechists. Older people arrived at the start of the celebration. Everything was very well organized; children were wearing their face masks and social distancing was observed as indicated on the church’s pews.  We organized the celebration with the catechists. The participation of the people was very active. 

We thank God for letting us touch people’s lives by listening to God and the Mission we are sent to do as CCVIs.


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