Lima – Homily by Bp. Guillermo Elias Millares

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Excerpts from the Homily in Lime by Bp. Guillermo Elias Millares, Auxiliary Bishop of Lima.

December 15th, 2019.

150 years in this world: not only did time pass, but you passed through it.  And not only did you pass through it, but we went through it with you. When you share life with friends, you share everything experienced by your friends; this is why I crossed the city today and returned to this Diocese where I have shared some of my priestly life.

In the gospel for this Third Sunday of Advent, John had heard about Jesus: This is the Messiah who sees people on the streets, who does good to the people, especially the poorest, who will make the deaf hear, will give sight to the blind, make the limp walk and cheer the poor.

This is what is portrayed in the life of these Sisters. I think they have grasped the importance of Jesus in their life.

One of the things that most impacted me when I arrived at Comas was the life of these simple women, with whom I truly shared life. I especially remember one of them who, on one of my trips, gave me a letter and said: “I want you to read it on the plane, not before.” When I read it, she told me with great simplicity and depth: “What’s important is not to do many things, but to share with the people what they are living.” Do not strive to do so many things, but share what the people are living; that edified me.

I had the joy of sharing many years of life with these Sisters.  I saw them grow in spirit and reality, becoming mature and spiritual women.  I learned to value the spirituality of the Incarnate Word during my years in Comas, for which I am most grateful.   I no longer saw God in the stratosphere, with a somewhat ethereal spirituality; I saw Him incarnated in history and in the circumstances we experienced daily.  I also saw Him incarnated in the joy and in the sadness.

I saw the joy of many young women who joined with us; I also saw some who left because they did not find the path there. And we were friends, we were siblings, we shared so many things… that’s why being unable to attend due to my many current tasks saddened me at first, but I gave myself permission to be here tonight.   I would not have been happy if I were unable to be here, because I have so many beautiful experiences with you, Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. You have clearly understood the mission of Jesus.   

Continue your ministry,  inspired by the real value of the Kingdom…. the small, the simple, the simplicity of each day,  so women may continue  in this town to be signs like you are, continue making the path.

Give us the Grace to acknowledge You are the Messiah, who did so much good yesterday and today.  Help us to incarnate simple solidary every day.  May the Lord bestow and grant us 55 or 100 more years of your presence in Peru, and may we find on that path young lay men and women who wish to make their path as you do.  You have transmitted to them through your spirituality the way to live life. May the Lord continue to inspire the lay men and women to walk by your side.

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