Living Christmas with migrant children and adolescents

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As is tradition, a group of collaborators of Christus Muguerza Monterrey decided to meet in December to exchange gifts, but this year they decided to do it … with migrant children and teenagers!

In recent years, Monterrey has faced various challenges, particularly in terms of humanitarian assistance and the integration of migrants and refugees. Christus’ staff, following their mission to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, decided not to remain oblivious to the situation and this past holiday season gave them the perfect opportunity to approach migrant children and adolescents in their city and spend some time with them.

They were migrant children and adolescents (foreigners-Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala-and Mexicans) who, due to various circumstances, were separated from their parents and are now in the custody of local authorities (DIF Monterrey). Young people between 14 and 17 years old who did not spend the holidays with their biological family but who received women and men committed to extending them a hospitable embrace.

In every ministry, we live: «a life for God and a heart for others». The Word becomes PRESENCE and calls us to welcome Him/Her in another person, regardless of their nationality or migratory status. The Word becomes COMPASSION and calls us to feel the pain of the other person and offer them comfort.

Christus Muguerza’s colleagues decided to accompany and celebrate the Christmas spirit together with migrant children and adolescents. How do you intend to make God’s love present in your community in this new year?

(Faces had to be blurred in order to protect the privacy and identity of minors)



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