Love One Another

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Our Gospel today hears Jesus telling the scribe the two most important commandments: love God, and love your neighbor.

Who is our neighbor? Hasn’t this past year of pandemic brought into our field of vision and awareness that our neighbor is ever so close? We witness events from all over the world now, in real time. We can see what is happening, as it happens. There is no way to “unsee.” We can’t cover up. We can’t deny or ignore.

The Gospels – Jesus – also tell us how to respond: with love and compassion, with rejoicing and celebration, with grief and with mourning.

Think about all you have experienced, all that you have seen, all that you have heard. The challenge is to choose to respond as Jesus did. He drew a line in the sand. He touched the leper. He mourned the death of his friends. He went to weddings. He ate with his friends, and, outcasts (who became his friends).

Jesus’ neighbor was everyone; he loved everyone more than himself. Who is my neighbor? How do I love?



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