Meaning of the emblem of the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of our Congregation

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150th Anniversary

The logo for the 150th Anniversary of our Congregation includes several symbolic elements of our Congregation.

At the center of the logo are open hands holding the familiar emblem of the Congregation: a heart engraved with the words, “Amor Meus.” The heart and these words remind us of God’s love and faithfulness for us and ours for God.

The open hands symbolize our openness to God’s call, and our commitment to carry forward the founding call of Bishop Claude Marie Dubuis: “Our Lord Jesus Christ suffering, seeks relief at your hands.”

The tree signifies life, and at the same time, represents our commitment to the care of creation.

The words encircling the logo come from one of Mother St. Pierre’s letters written to Lyon, asking for women who had a “Life for God and a Heart for Others” to join the mission in San Antonio. These words of one of our foundresses are significant as we celebrate this Jubilee Year.

All of these elements together mean to express our joy and thanks for the grace of the past 150 years of life as Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word.


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