Nature’s Daily Inspiration Series – Conservation Easement Reflections: Hna. Sofia Mamani, CCVI

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Protection in perpetuity for the only nature sanctuary in the heart of San Antonio.

Nature has always spoken to me about God. God talks to me through creation. As a matter of fact, the most fundamental moments of my life were confirmed by the beauty of God’s creation.
The destruction and exploitation of Earth is painful for me, and I perceive that it is urgently asking us for help. Our care is urgent. Every action counts.
I had the privilege to visit Headwaters in 2007. From the first time I was there, I always return to this sacred place. Being there fills me with energy. It is a sacred place because it connects many people with what is essential. I feel happy when I see people visiting this place. I am filled with gratitude when I know that many volunteers collaborate in taking care and protecting this area.
When you take time to contemplate the water, you can feel in your own body the motion of life. In Headwaters you can recognize that life is a spring. We are lucky. We are blessed because we are caring for nature with love and respect.
Hna. Sofia Mamani, CCVI, offering an indigenous perspective.

We invite you to find more information on Headwaters at Incarnate Word’s Facebook page.


On the header, Hna. Sofia Mamani on Peru.


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