Nature’s Daily Inspiration Series – Conservation Easement Reflections: Sr. Miriam Bannon, CCVI

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Protection in perpetuity for the only nature sanctuary in the heart of San Antonio.

Echar Redes a la Profundidad…
Incarnate Word Headwaters is a sacred space that welcomes and invites you, the people of San Antonio and to everyone who visits San Antonio to cast out into the deep… echar redes a la profundidad.
For well-nigh thirty years, every time I came to San Antonio, I would gravitate towards Headwaters, cross the red bridge and head out towards the playing fields and beyond. I looked forward to every visit and grew to love the place. It became a meeting ground of encuentro con el Señor and with friends. When with the Lord, I would chat, imagining him walking alongside a la manera de los discípulos de Emaús. When with friends, we would catch up on happenings on wherever we were on mission.
Now that I live in San Antonio, I have taken different paths and explored Headwaters further. I see and feel the presencia de Dios, all around me…. On the soft ground where I tread, in the morning cobwebs stretching across my path, in the birdsong at dawn, in the morning dew turned gold by the rising sun, in the shy cardinals as they cross my path or fly to a safer distance as I walk by. Spring is special, with a myriad of wild flowers decorating the paths. Sometimes, in Winter when it is cold enough, a white frost would stretch out before me across the playing fields. Somewhere towards the back of Headwaters, there’s a sign that points towards a Great Oak at the end of a looped path. The tree unfolds majestically every time walk the loop.
The encuentro con el Señor is intimate…
I have called you by name: you are mine.
I will be with you; For I, the LORD, am your God,
Because you are precious in my eyes…
I respond:
¡Que tu Espíritu haga en mi, de lo que no soy capaz! Take, Lord, take my liberty, my memory, my understanding, my whole will and use them as you see fit para encaminar la misión que nos diste como familia del Verbo Encarnado, from the small to the big, from sweeping the floor, to acompañamiento to curriculum planning. You gave all to me, Lord; I give it all back to you.
Sr. Miriam Bannon, CCVI.

We invite you to find more information on Headwaters at Incarnate Word’s Facebook page.


On the header, Sr. Miriam Bannon on Autumn Shades, Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland.


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