Nimrod, Leonard Bernstein

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Today we take a break from words and are invited to sit and listen.

This composition by English composer Edward Elgar has been circulating the internet in a variety of iterations. “Nimrod” is the 9th variation of an original theme by Elgar, “Enigma.” Each variation was composed as a “portrait” of a friend or acquaintance of his. This variation was dedicated to his friend, Augustus Jaeger. Elgar himself described this variation as not really a portrait, but “the story of something that happened.” Once, when Elgar had been very depressed and was about to give it all up and write no more music, Jaeger had visited him and encouraged him to continue composing.

Perhaps musicians who are not able to meet and play with their colleagues find this particular movement as an encouragement to not give up, for they will play together once again. Listen, and let the music fill you, and take you where you need to go. Let it be a source of encouragement, for we will be together again, soon.



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  1. Thomas DeFreitas

    Thank you, Sisters. This video led me to other music by Elgar (his Lux Aeterna), and to other fine music “recommended” by YouTube!

    • Amormeus

      It sounds great! We hope you enjoy listening to this beautiful music, Thomas! Thanks for sharing with us!


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