October activities in Chihuahua Communities

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Incarnate Word Apostles Association

Praised be the Incarnate Word!

The “Ventana de San José” and “María Inmaculada” Associates Communities of the City of Chihuahua are jointly working on our apostolate, helping in the preparation of pantries for the poorest of the poor. It began with creating 25 pantries, we have currently reached 40 monthly pantries “Thank God”. Our Mission is to bring food to a community on the outskirts, 3.7 miles from the City, where elderly people live in abandonment conditions, 20 pantries are delivered to them every month.

20 pantries are also delivered to the Alfredo Chávez, Ramón Reyes, Peñas Blancas and La Esperanza neighborhoods, places where a lot of poverty prevails, we also do this apostolate together with the community of the Temple of San Francisco of Chihuahua who support with what they can.

A thank you to the Lord Our Father who guides us to the places where Our Lord Jesus is found in every person in need.




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