Synod of Young People Reflection

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Synod of Young People Reflection

From whimsical to profound. Always new, always creative. This is how a correct understanding or power and authority on behalf of the Reign of God should look like, including other characteristics.

If there is a place where we can see the power and authority of Jesus being exercised, it is within a group of young people that are committed and acting on behalf of the Reign of God. For them, nothing is impossible. Whenever or wherever they find something that seems unfeasible, well, they find the way. Even if they meet a lot of “Oh there’s no way we could do that”, they always find the how to actually do it and in the most incredible and surprising ways. The creativity and fun that arises from a group of young people, rooted in Jesus, irrupting into the society, can go from the whimsical to a deep transformation.

After experiencing a personal encounter, they are ready to go out from village to village.

The amount of young people who are leading and creating initiatives and projects seeking more just and equal opportunities for all is incredible.

It is a sign of hope in the midst of the despair we seem to be living these days.

Pope Francis inaugurated some hours ago the Synod of Young People. We come to this moment after having experienced a process where the participation of thousands of young women and men has been essential. We come to this moment with the conviction that they are key to our church and to our world.

The Bishops gathered now have the power to hear their voices, they have the power, understood as a possibility (read to have a conversation with them as equals.

The power and authority have been invested to the Bishops as much as it has been invested to the young women and men in their baptism.

We know that they didn’t have to be baptized to participate in this conversation. The Church made a very wise decision here.

The hope is then, that after this conversation, the participants come out with a renewed sense of including the youth in the church. It is a chance for the Institution to invite the youth to leadership within because they are taking it everywhere else.

We are not present at the Synod, we are not Bishops, but we are all surrounded by amazing young people. We have the option to start, or continue in some cases, to listen to their voices that show us an energizing and creative way to continue unveiling the Reign of God from village to village.

By Sr. Adriana Calzada


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