Pastoral Coordinators Retreat

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“United to the Incarnate Word, We Are Presence and Communion”.

Last month, September 8-10, the team of pastoral coordinators from the 8 schools in Mexico met at Casa San Angel to drink from the fountain, continue listening to the Incarnate Word about our being and doing in this very important work we have been entrusted.

On this occasion, we shared experiences with the pastoral coordinators of the Incarnate Word University Center Mexico, Mexico City Campus, and our brother coordinators of the Incarnate Word University Bajio Campus, it was a great blessing to hear, meet and share spiritual experiences and the pastoral work of sister institutions.

There was an atmosphere of prayer, listening and moments to get to know each other, since due to the pandemic, meetings had only been through digital platforms, but the day came and this meeting became a reality that brought a lot of joy, communion, unity and enabled getting to know each other better.

The visit of our sister Sor Emilia Gracia, delegate of the CCVI General Leadership Team, gave us great joy and reminded us that Pastoral is the backbone of our schools, which must be in deep harmony with the Incarnate Word to carry out the mission. She was accompanied by the Education Team, led by Director Araceli Escalera Castillo, who encouraged us and reiterated their closeness and support in this work.

It is worth mentioning that the director of the Incarnate Word University Center Mexico, Mr. Jorge Huerta, was present at the retreat to deepen and share with us the experience of communion.

The purpose of this meeting was to strengthen the presence and communion with the Incarnate Word and others by sharing and prayer to promote paths together to favor the continuous improvement at work and reflect together on the importance of caring for interiority.

We bet on communion in the sense of synodality, making ourselves present in the lives of others, walking together, being companions on the path. We return to our CCVI mission with love and zeal, open to letting ourselves be moved by the spirit of our founders and the warm and close presence of our Sisters who encourage us to continue devoting our lives from Educational Pastoral.

“It was a space for learning, challenges and, above all, union in the CCVI coordinators network, where we live and experience our spirituality of the Incarnation, encouraging us to continue our mission at each of the schools.”  Prof. Edsgar Reymundo Álvarez De Anda (Instituto Miguel Ángel de Occidente).

“It was great, getting to know the charism, internalizing our calling as pastoral agents and animators, strengthening ties among the CCVI family, taking tools from compassion and empathy to be able to continue generating actions that integrate our community and make the action of Jesus the Incarnate Word present.” Aurelio Navarrete Cristo (Incarnate Word University Bajío Campus).

“I discovered how important it is to make a pause in my day to day and practice Interiority, to recognize and accept myself and my authenticity, serving and loving others, through empathy and compassion, just as Jesus Incarnate Word did. In the dynamics and the moments we shared together, I really experienced compassion, I really felt blessed because God gave me the opportunity to experience this retreat. I am very grateful with Jesus Incarnate Word for this moment that greatly helped me.” Marlene Granados Morales (Santa Catarina Educational Center)

“My experience in this retreat was very pleasant and restorative in every way. First, to stop in our work and look inside myself. It will always be significant for me to return to this place where I often reaffirm my vocation as a catechist and my commitment to my community. Being part of the CCVI family has been a great gift that has enriched my faith and my teaching and catechetical experience. I am very grateful for the invitation and the support to participate again and renew my CCVI mission.” Marco Antonio Badillo Avalos (Instituto Hispano Inglés).

“It was an experience of true encounter, in three senses: first, encounter with the roots in a certain sense with the congregation seeing its foundation and the hope placed in us; second, a fraternal encounter between the schools and institutions that share the same mission of watching over the charism and the mission of the sisters and third, an encounter with oneself that leads us to a true CONFIGURATION with the Incarnate Word, and to commemorate the words of Mons. Claudio, relief in our hands, with this configuration we are called to be leaven in each of our facilities.”   Martin Emmanuel Hernández Ramos (Incarnate Word University Bajío Campus).

“My experience was to make the love of the Incarnate Word alive through the presence of the sisters and that of my companions with whom I shared memorable moments and to thank the CCVI Sisters for entrusting us with a great mission, make the merciful love of the Incarnate Word known in our schools.” Maira del Carmen Obil  (Colegio Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra).

“To open to the encounter without a doubt is to open up to the Mystery that inhabits us. I deeply appreciate this space that allowed me to meet each one of my colleagues. Appreciate and value you as a person and your experience, revere your history as a sacred space, in which you can experience the presence of the Incarnation in gestures of presence and communion. Praised be the Incarnate Word!”  María Del Rosario González Coss (Instituto Miguel Ángel)

“It gave me great pleasure to share in this retreat because I met beautiful people, realizing their responsibility, loyalty, and commitment. Keeping the Incarnate Word in mind is not just talking about it, it is really living it, believing it, and experiencing spirituality, each one is a dynamic in which I show that face of the Incarnate Word, I loved that! I perceived coherence between what I believe and what I have as a commitment to those around me, I saw the face of Jesus in others by knowing, seeing, and listening to others. Thank God for this meeting, for the friendship I found, and the beautiful people I found by my side. Praised be the Incarnate Word!”  Graciela Anzara (Incarnate Word University Center Mexico).



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