Prayer for a Vulnerable People

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This prayer was shared at the very beginning of our awareness of the enormity of the pandemic. We share it again, as we come to the end of six months of confinement.


Jesus, Word Incarnate,

you came to us as one of us

vulnerable to our shared human condition.


Your people is suffering again

across borders and oceans.

We are frail and filled with fear.


We remember that once

in similar times,

you gave us the grace

of our charism,

to make the love of God a

real and tangible presence in the world.


Help us to be that presence today.

Help us to love as you would love,

to care as you would care.

Make us wise and prudent,

compassionate and courageous.


Let our hearts touch

where our hands can’t.

Let our eyes speak

when our words fail.


Help us to pray!

Let our prayers lift up those who care for others.

Let our prayers calm those who fear.

Let our prayers comfort the sick, and those who love them.


Give us all that we need

in this troubled time.

Draw us ever closer to you

and to one another.


We trust in you. Amen.


Obtained fromón-por-tu-pueblo-vulnerable

On the header, photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash.


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