“Prevention and Renunciation of Violence Through Empowerment and Resilience”

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This project involved empowering women who have suffered domestic violence in an area in the northern part of Peru. This area is a desert landscape that has been devastated by earthquakes, extreme poverty and the pandemic with scarcity of all needed resources. Ten different workshops for adult and adolescent women were provided to help build self-esteem and resilience for these women and their families. Fifteen women attended the workshops, all between 25 and 53 years of age, all with a partner and children, and all who have only primary education. Challenges during the project included distance from the workshop location and lack of resources for the families of the women attending. The team resolved these challenges by leaving their homes earlier to arrive on time and providing an educator with activities for the children during their mothers’ training. An initial distrust by the women was, over time, managed to create bonds of friendship. The women who came to the workshops every week met with enthusiasm and commitment to their learning, and they remain bearers of the message to other women of the community.


Learn about the Grant “Sisters Supporting Women for a Better World” here.

Peru’s Grant Page.


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