Projects selected to receive the recognition “Sisters supporting women for a better world”

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We are glad to share with you the projects that have been selected to receive an economic recognition through the grant known as “Sisters supporting women for a better world”.


Prevention and rejection of family violence through empowerment and resilience.

This project involves empowering women who have suffered domestic violence. The area where the project will take in the northern part of Peru is a desert landscape that has been devastated by earthquakes, extreme poverty, and the pandemic with the scarcity of all needed resources. Workshops for adult and adolescent women will be provided to help build self-esteem and resilience for these women and their families.


Incarnate Word Center: “Workshop regarding healthy food and the preparation of food products offered to women who are in a vulnerable situation.”

Addressing the nutritional needs of vulnerable women suffering from aggression, the project is aimed at providing a shelter where women and their children can receive education on providing healthy meals for themselves and their families. Videos and recipes will be shared as well as actual utensils needed for cooking.

Incarnate Word University, Bajío Campus: “You need yourself.”

Submitted with the goal to improve the lives of women suffering from family violence and abuse and very low self-esteem, this project will provide training for these women to help them locate jobs. Lack of sufficient skill training in the area was identified as important to the growth of the women.

Cervantes Saavedra School: “Social intervention project to create an environment and to contribute to the eradication of pregnancy in girls and to the reduction of pregnancy in teenagers through education”

Students working in this project will interact with junior and high school female students with a high risk of unplanned or undesired pregnancies. Parents will be involved in this educational process to learn the realities of an unwanted pregnancy.

America Institute: “Creating Trades”

Providing a space to learn for women with unplanned, unwanted pregnancies, this project focuses on providing skills for these underserved women and education on adoption with the hope of avoiding abortions. The women will receive training in practical skills to lead to job opportunities for them. Required tools and kits important to their new trade will be provided to the women.

Santa Catarina Educational Center: “You are More. Health Team”

This project incorporates five different segments to increase self-esteem for the poor, underserved women of the community. The students will work with the local parish and priest in providing educational workshops on family roles, living with spouses, economic viability, and providing examples of successful women role models. A campaign on health will be included focusing on nutrition, dental, and first aid needs.

Instituto Hispano Ingles, AC: “A flower for you”

“A Flower for You” connects the local parish with the indigenous community and is aimed at building self-esteem for the underserved, very poor women, teaching them the Spanish language and culture. Sharing cultures and learning from each other were recognized as important for the success of this grant.

United States:

University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio: “GEMS STEAM summer camp and afterschool programs.”

The students in this project are currently working with girls in elementary and middle schools in poor areas of San Antonio to introduce them to the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEAM). This grant approval will allow them to expand the number of girls involved hoping to see them continue their education in these important subjects.

Incarnate Word Academy: “Queen of Peace Blessing Baskets and Shower”

Pregnant women from the Queen of Peace Center in St. Louis struggling from drug abuse and addiction will be recipients of a baby shower in the Spring of 2022. The students involved with the project will purchase gifts and refreshments, provide notes with prayers for the mothers and motivate other students to become involved. The students will also engage with the St. Louis Catholic charities and become more aware of the hardships of others.

St. Anthony Catholic High School: “Tech for Success”

An initiative currently underway virtually connects students from San Antonio with students in Uganda, Kosovo, Kenya, and other countries through the Young Women’s Global Leadership Program. This group meets at the University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, and through this grant approval, St. Anthony’s High School and Incarnate Word High School will purchase Chromebooks and additional laptops for students in Kenya and Uganda.


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