Santa Catarina Students visit to the “Saint Vincent de Paul” nursing home

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Santa Catarina Students visit to the "Saint Vincent de Paul" nursing home

On May 25, the students in “Fifth Grade A” made their last social visit for this school year to the Saint Vincent de Paul Nursing Home, a place devoted to offering support to the elderly who cannot afford this type of service in other centers.

During this school year the students have had beautiful experiences getting to know these people and sharing part of their lives. For this visit, the students prepared two dances and two plays and prepared for this visit with enthusiasm. When the expected date arrived they presented their program, played Lottery [Bingo], distributed gifts, worked letters and helped the elderly while another part of the team had the opportunity to visit the sick in their rooms, bringing them some joy.

They learned a lot about their lives. For example, Miss Irma Guadalupe Fernández was a concert performer when she was young; she told the students that her family has died and that she used to give piano lessons before moving to the nursing home, which is now her new home; she is happy and keeps busy making bracelets and rings with “chaquira” beads.

A gentleman called Don Filemón, told them that he learned to make scarves with his friend Don Martín and that in January he was called to the Father’s House where he shared this knowledge.

All our students have been able to implement our CCVI values in the embraces they have received when they share their time, food and experiences.

What the students have acquired as something new is the knowledge that a little bit of love can do a lot for others and that giving life to our Foundational Letter can bring us happiness.

We have a firm desire to continue with this beautiful experience during the next school year.


Santa Catarina Students visit to the "Saint Vincent de Paul" nursing home

Santa Catarina Students visit to the "Saint Vincent de Paul" nursing home


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