Sister Pauline Nugent’s Oxford Presentation, Part II

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Following Sister Pauline’s presentation at Oxford, UK, the University requested that she release the copyright to Oxford so they can publish the paper in the Journal of Academic Perspectives, Vol 2019 no 4. Sister Pauline responded by releasing the copyright to Oxford. This is quite significant in her profession as Professor of Classical Languages at Missouri State University, Springfield.

In addition to the above accolade, Sister Pauline and University faculty received a letter from Dr. Jason Jolley, Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Letters of Missouri State University, sharing a link to the Missouri Classics Association’s website, which features an interview with Sister Pauline Nugent. Dr. Jolley noted that:

“Sister Pauline does a great job updating Missouri classicists about goings-on at Missouri State and, as always, makes a great case for the discipline!”

Click link to the Interview:

Click here to read the first part of this post: Women’s Enduring Leadership, Oxford 2019, by S. Pauline Nugent.


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