Spark 5 by Alice Holden, CCVI

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Kaleidoscopes  are limited,
Too limited for me,
Where broken bits and pieces
Re-pattern harmony.

And I, a speck of colored glass,
Keep falling to the ground
Deflecting light beyond myself
While floating around and around.

More real to be a prism small
Through whom one light reflects
A multi-faceted design
Made whole despite defects.

And on the world, as the wall, disperse
A spectacle of light,
In colors bold and sharp and clear,
A sensuous delight.

Prismatic life is what I want.
I want it for us all.
Transparent bodies channeling.
One love, one light, one call.

A Call to inclusivity,
A Light to show the way,
A Love that knows no boundary
For God’s full-spectrum Ray.

by Alice Holden, CCVI.

Sparks of the Divine One


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