CCVI Sr. Teresa Maya speaks about Conscience and the role of Women Religious into the Future at C21 from Boston College

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Last March, CCVI Sr Teresa Maya spoke at the Church in the 21st Century Center from Boston College, about Conscience and the role of Women religious into the future.

During her inspiring 40 minute talk, she raised very serious questions about the current state of conscience in the religious experience. She stressed the importance of a deep conscience of the present and a true discernment of the future as pivotal reflections in order to dismantle the narrative of ageism and diminishment surrounding religious life. Ultimately the goal is to embrace a notion of leaven, potential, and transformation within religious life that must become the basis for a privileged threshold for the future.

Some relevant quotes from her talk:

“In conscience, we are required to begin scouting the horizon. Religious Life has the serious task of discernment of the future”

“We have to start imaging what’s possible before we make it possible, and in order to do so, we must take a conscientious look at the present”

Sister Teresa Maya.


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