SÚMATE 2022 came to an end

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Our project SÚMATE 2022 contest came to an end. We had the opportunity to encounter the winning team CAMYF, who participated with the development of a Biogarden in an area of poverty and extreme poverty, raising awareness about the care of the land in the Human Settlement “Nuevo Paraíso” in Nuevo Chimbote, Ancash (Peru).

The young women of the CAMYF team welcomed us and shared with us what they learned from the experience, both in terms of teamwork and the importance of this project. Ariana -CAMYF told us:

“I am proud to see the fruits we obtained, it was a great teamwork and we are willing to continue and see that other people can also replicate this project in their population centers”.

These young women show us how God is present through our actions.

One of the biggest challenges during the process of caring for the seeds planted was the scarcity of water in the Nuevo Paraíso population center, which still does not have water and sewage; the local population faces the same situation. The plan to implement solar drip irrigation, an ecological irrigation technique aimed at achieving an optimal use of water that uses the sun’s energy as a driving force in the process of distillation and movement of water, was launched.

How was it possible to find so many fruits in this place that is only surrounded by sand?

This was not an impediment to see life flourish and see fruits grow, we found onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, caihua, vegetables, fruits, different herbs and ornamental plants. All this thanks to compost, a natural fertilizer that can be obtained using different types of organic components as a base after going through a decomposition process.

The impact generated in the neighbors of the place was formidable, since they are coordinated for the care of the Biogarden and we could also see how other neighbors at the door of their homes were already developing their own gardens.

These young people show us that it is not only a matter of talking about taking care of our creation, but of acting and demonstrating that change can be generated starting from something small. The invitation to love and care for our land is for everyone, it is our responsibility.

We return from the visit learning that loving is synonymous with caring and protecting.



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