The Force of the Call

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The force of the calling

A personal recount from Sor Marichui Bringas about her work in the vocations ministry for our Congregation:

During this period, I have had the opportunity to attend several events; one of them was the Summer National Program for Youth Pastoral and Hispanic Ministry of the FAITH AND LIFE INSTITUTE, which was presented at the Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois, near Chicago. More than 250 persons participated in this event. The five workshops given were:

  1.    Symposium on Leadership for Integral Youth Pastoral.
  2.    The Church Encounters Youth (Liturgy and Music).
  3.    Spirituality, Life Project and Personal Improvement.
  4.    Training for Ecclesial Ministers and Youth Leadership.
  5.    Education for a Christian experience of Sexuality.

Sister Angelita Hernández, CCVI, from México, participated in a Symposium Workshop, and I participated in the Workshop on Spirituality, Life Project, and Personal Improvement. It was an intensive week with lots of work and the opportunity to share in small communities. I think that the greatest richness we obtained was having more sensibility and knowledge on the Hispanic culture, its challenges, its dreams, its collaborations and difficulties within the Church in the United States.

On the other hand, on July 8 and 9, I participated in a Vocational Retreat in the Galveston Houston Diocese. The topic was “Come and See” and it was given in Spanish. Fifty young men and women participated in this retreat. They touched the beautiful reality of people who are sensitive and are able to discover that God’s calling is a blessing. It is food for the soul, for the Church. We pray for vocations every day, for people who want to respond to God’s constant calling to extend His Kingdom. The team that presented the topics so wonderfully, directed the liturgy and the general dynamics, was formed by 20 persons, who were priests and religious men and women from different institutes.

We also had the Vocational Week at Casa San Ángel, on July 17 to 24. We had 18 participants, young women from different parts of Mexico and one girl from Guatemala. A team of sisters will present vocational topics, prayer, our history, spirituality and charisma.

On July 22 to 24, there was another vocational retreat in the Galveston Houston Archdiocese, the Life Awareness Vocational Retreat. About 40 persons registered. and was held in the Holy Name Retreat Center.

During this time I have visited with some women who are interested in religious life and in our Congregation. They are located in various places such as Virginia, Dallas, Guatemala, Raleigh and North Carolina. God will be with us!

Let us pray so that day by day, we may have an open heart to listen God’s voice inside us and in everything around us, so that together we may do His will.

Jesus said:

“Follow me! And he left everything behind and followed Him.” – Mathew, 5, 28.

United in prayer,
Sister Marichui Bringas, CCVI


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