The Language of Hope

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“The reader [of the Book of Judith] senses what it is like to face a great, invincible enemy who is spreading death and destruction” (Pope Francis, Chapter 8 – On Hope).

“Paradoxically, it seems to the people [of the Judean city of Bethulia] that to escape death, there’s nothing left but to surrender into the hands of the killers.”

The people are desperate; they bargain with God, but don’t trust, don’t have the faith to wait for God to fulfill the promise they ask for.

Along comes Judith, and encourages the people, while they wait, to “call upon God to help and God will hear our voice.”

Francis continues, “it is the language of hope. Let us knock on the door of God’s heart; God can save us.”

“Let us allow hope to conquer our fears … we ask God for health, for love, for happiness, and it is right to do so, but with the understanding that God is able to bring life, even from death.”

How we need to hear these words, now, today, and every day, until we can see the end of COVID-19!


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  1. Thomas DeFreitas

    I cherish this post, not only for its allusion to the book of Judith (and throughout the centuries, as we know, the praises of Judith in Scripture have been applied by the Church to the Mother of God) — but also for its respectful and loving attention to the wisdom of our holy father Francis, who tells us here that hope is not spurious, hope is not a cheat, hope is real. (Elsewhere, Pope Francis has reminded us, “Mercy is true!”)

    • Amormeus

      Thomas, thank you very much for your response and for sharing your thoughts with us! As Pope Francis mentions in this book, no matter how confusing this moment is, God’s love can grace us with hope.


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