Through the path of peace

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Through the path of peace

When we achieve a relationship of harmony between people, where coexistence is gratifying and the differences in criteria are resolved in a friendly way, without provoking confrontations or conflicts, we are at peace.

This deep and grateful feeling comes from God Himself, who has given us the abilities to privilege dialogue and understanding. However, attaining this state implies having the openness and willingness to understand others, fighting against selfishness that leads us to contemplate things in the light of our own benefits.

Globally, rulers face this same challenge. Focusing on themselves or the interests of their nations, they may come to believe that their conflicts can not be resolved by the path of reason, law or justice.

Unfortunately, we have already seen the pain of war, the suffering of elderly and children who have been mistreated, the glances without light of migrants and abused women …

We can not remain indifferent. Let us go forward with the help of God and our own good will, participating with hope in the World Day of Prayer for Peace this first day of January.

Let us pray to the Lord to put an end to wars, terror and violence. Let us add our prayers to those of our brothers who, at the expense of their own security and well-being, never tire of seeking and promoting paths of encounter and reconciliation in various regions of the earth.

Let us also commit ourselves to be people who take away violence from their lives in their domestic sphere. Prayer and cooperation will help us to seek true peace; That which is achieved by facing difficulties with an open heart and hands ready to work hard in seeking the common good. Offering a word of encouragement, lending a hand, sharing a smile or helping the neighbor are much more than simple gestures of kindness, they are daily acts that have the power to break the circles of selfishness, injustice and violence.

Let us humbly ask the Lord to fill the hearts of all his creatures with peace and harmony and to help us build a more just and prosperous world for all.


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