UIW Mission & Ministry Offers Prayerful Support During Pandemic

by Jul 29, 2020Blog, Prayer0 comments

While it has been very difficult to gather in prayer during this time of physical distancing, the need for prayer is heavily felt.

Beginning Wednesday, July 22, you are invited to gather to pray the Rosary each Wednesday from 12 -12:30 p.m. As offered in the blog Why Pray the Rosary, this traditional Catholic devotional prayer “can slow us down, calm our hearts, and enable us to rest in God’s presence. It draws out the deepest desires in our souls, desires for God and God alone.”

We will gather at Zoom ID 210 829 2736 to pray the Glorious Mysteries, led by Mission and Ministry. You can also join the meeting at this link. Here is a link to the Glorious Mysteries Amid Covid-19 to be used. It will be provided during the gathering.

Contact Beth Villarreal, director of Campus Ministry for questions or more information 210-829-2736 or villaret@uiwtx.edu.


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