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“At your Word, I will let down the nets”

Praised be the Incarnate Word!

Today, vocational ministry is called to be as transversal as possible. It is not a matter of a commission or the exclusive responsibility of a Sister of the community. It must be the responsibility of each Sister of the Congregation and of each community. In community, educational, pastoral projects, what importance is given to vocational ministry and how available is each one? Father Vincent Breynaert

How to carry out a vocational ministry? There is no unique or magical answer.

Pope Francis invites religious people to a pastoral conversion, a change of lifestyle. Personally and as a community, we must ask ourselves: what does a young woman do to be able to hear the call of Christ at the heart of her life and in our community life? Consecrated life is a gift from God that we receive, something that we welcome, and this should free us from any fear by proposing consecrated life.

Today’s youth culture has difficulty integrating celibacy into consecrated life. We are in a world where celibacy for the Kingdom is far removed from the interests of the young. It is a challenge for us to show religious life with all its beauty and radicality. In some places, young people have grown up away from female religious communities. They do not have concrete reference models. It is important, in this context, a very narrative presentation (an account in the first person, a testimony, a “story telling”), to present a more explicit vocation ministry, a culture of the call.

Here we share a few activities in which we have participated, conducting “Presence and Communion”:

& Interviews and meetings with various Vocational Ministry Teams at the Dioceses of: Monterrey, Cd. Juárez, Puebla, Sn Andrés Tuxtla, Ver; Parrish of Chilcuautla, Hgo., and Chihuahua.

& Organizing and participating in themes, prayers, interviews with the girls and dynamics in retreats for young people and altar servers.

& Induction workshop for the students of the CCVI schools, meetings with the Pastoral Teams and Coordinators.

& Prayer for vocations through Vocational Holy Hours in our CCVI communities and in other parishes.

& Participation in a community experience of two girls from the State of Veracruz, to learn about our Congregation, as well as the mission of the Sisters in the Flor y Canto Community of Chilcuautla, Hgo.

Experience of Aylin Yahari Zetina Nolasco

I thank the CCVI Flor y Canto Community of Chilcuautla, Hidalgo, for their hospitality and their example of fully living the faith, as this helped me deepen my vocational discernment.

Jesus manifests in different ways, through people, communities of the parish.

What helped me the most and motivated me to continue searching for my vocation was:

  1. The peace of being in community and living the faith.
  2. The moral support provided by the Sisters to the sick in whom they reflect the mercy of God.
  3. The joy with which they teach what they know about crafts to help women with scarce resources earn an income.
  4. The profound moments of prayer and reflection in the presence of Jesus the Sacrament.

I thank Sister María and Sister Tere and I entrust myself to your prayers. Thank you very much!

Experience of Atziri Selene Fernández Zetina

I thank the CCVI Flor y Canto Community of Chilcuautla, Hidalgo, for their welcome and dedication to me and the experience of discovering and deepening the call of Jesus in my vocational search.

In the Flor y Canto Community, I experienced the peace I needed to deepen my call. The Sisters, with their testimony and example of daily life, encouraged me to be with them these 15 days, as well as with the different communities with whom they live their mission by showing generosity and support to those who need it most.

What I liked the most for my vocational search was:

  1. The support they provide through their work, making them self-sufficient, without forgetting God’s mercy for everyone.
  2. The kindness and willingness to teach by word and example to others.
  3. The work they do through embroidery, teaching others to acquire a financial resource for supporting their families and themselves.
  4. The moments of encounter with God and meditation that help us strengthen our being and spirit to continue sharing with those most in need.

I thank Sister Mari Cardoza and Sister Tere Fernández, and I entrust myself to your prayers in my search of God’s call.



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