Webinar: A future that reveals our love (video)

by Jun 20, 2022Blog, Immigration Task Force0 comments

During this World Refugee Day, we invite you to watch the third webinar held within the framework of the series of Webinars entitled: “Advocacy: Building the future with migrants and refugees”.

Do you feel discouraged when you read about the obstacles and challenges that migrants and refugees face during their transit and upon arrival at their destination? Do you want to be part of a world where migrants and refugees are welcomed, protected and integrated?

“A future that reveals our love” is the third of our webinar series on Advocacy. Let’s learn from a panel of experts how can we advocate the construction of hospitable communities where migrants and refugees are welcome.

It is worth mentioning that the CCVI Migrant, Immigrant, and Refugee Network has four goal areas: Communication and Media, Education, Health and Families, and Legal, Governmental Processes and Need for Resources.





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