“Workshop on Healthy Food for Women in a Vulnerable Situation” – Incarnate Word University Center

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Addressing the nutritional needs of vulnerable women suffering from aggression, this project is aimed at providing a shelter where women and their children can receive education on healthy meals for themselves and their families. The student team from Incarnate Word Center has written a manual on nutrition and has collaborated with the Iris Foundation in developing a workshop which began on June 14, 2022, and will run until August, 2022. Recipes for canned food were prepared at the University and team meetings were held to coordinate the logistics of the workshop. Fourteen women who are victims of abuse and low income are registered and will attend the workshop in Chimalhuacan, one of the most populous municipalities in Mexico with a high unemployment rate. The possibility of the women to generate sales in the future due to the nutritional learning they are receiving will be very positive. A video of the courses will be produced and left with the Iris Foundation for future use. A difficulty that has been encountered is traveling from the University to this area of the workshop, 90 miles away, and safety has been a question because of violence. The team has received travel assistance from the husband of one of the teachers of the course to ensure that safety is maintained.


Learn about the Grant “Sisters Supporting Women for a Better World” here.


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