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A new challenge: The face of Jesus Incarnate Word

A new challenge: The face of Jesus Incarnate Word

Last Tuesday, February 21, our Peregrinas de Jesús, María y José Community of Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, attended the Hogar de la Misericordia to do an apostolate, where elderly people with various conditions and terminal illnesses are hosted.

This institution is run by the Trinitarian Carmelite Allied Sisters who, with the support of doctors, nurses, therapists, cooks, drivers and janitors, care for the elderly residents. At this site, they are provided with shelter, clothing, food, medical assistance, physical therapies, and other services.

The purpose of attending this Home is to share quality time with those who need us the most, while we spend some time having fun and relaxing with them, while we also bring them the items of personal hygiene that they require and obtain as prizes when playing lottery, an activity highly enjoyed by the elderly.

Our Lord Jesus Christ suffering in the persons of a multitude of sick and infirm of every kind seeks relief at your hands.”

It is here, where in each of the elderly we visit, we see the face of Jesus Incarnate Word reflected, and remembering the words printed in the founding letter of Bishop Claude Marie Dubuis, we bring to life that calling of our sisters and brothers in need.